Well, managed not to do anything through the Holidaze.  The weather seems harsh this year. I don’t know why? I’m in Portland Oregon now, Scappoose 27 miles north of it anyway.  It’s not going down to 2 degrees, just 20. But since I’ve moved here, my last home city Denver is getting more sunny warm winter days than usual. And poor Portlanders are getting the snow storms of their lives.  Kids have had 7 snow days. Their DOT has no clue and leaves the snow in the streets. To melt naturally some day in the future.

So update is; I changed career coaches so I could get some help, finalizing my lottery request for funding into the “Bootcamp”, but and it’s a BIG butt,  come to find out, without having at least a couple of software languages under my belt, at least already knowing web design fully and Javascript, I wasn’t supposed to even be in the program through the Oregon WorkSource!  Now what?  Only decent thing is I got access to Treehouse to learn on my own. And if I can move out of this “Cabin in the woods”, to a normal home in the Washington County, I can get free library access to too. I’ve accessed a couple of other sites for free to use. But it gets too confusing to use more than one site to learn HTML5 and CSS. So after a bit of pouting, I’m just sticking to Treehouse.

Had interesting rather mean emails from my new career coach. Kind of just let her rant on.  She’s pushy, and a Cancer survivor like me. So she’s even worse. If she can do well and remember shit, she figures I should be as good as her or better.  I thought it was funny when she thought we were close in age. Ha ha.  Keeping track of my Software Development, lol SCUSE THE PUN!

Some good new; I decided to fight for unemployment. I can’t believe I won! Wow, finally I won something!  I now have rent and food and a couple of bills covered.  Which is what I was fighting for in order to attend the “Bootcamp” I’m not allowed to receive funding for anymore. Hah!  Funny, not really. Still a coding virgin.

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